Administratívna budova I, II, Župné námestie  /1997/
Administratívna budova I, II, Župné námestie /1997/

Office buildings Župné square, Bratislava

Two new buildings are situated on the edge of the historical city center. Older houses were demolished in 1970's and this site was left intact until mid 1990's. Two new buildings are filling the void and complementing and continuing the street frontage of the square. Both buildings integrate the remains of an old barbican wall found in the basment levels into its architecture.

  • GFA: 1390 m2
  • Volume: 5910 m3
  • Authors: D. Krepop, P. Suchánek, R. Žákovský
  • Project: Krepop & Suchánek architektonická kancelária 1992 - 1995
  • Construction: 1995 - 1997